The Christian Junior Golf Association was formed by a group of junior golf leaders to promote a positive experience for junior golfers that have to play golf on Sunday's. Players must compete in 36 hole tournaments to get colleges to recognize them. Since most players attend school they are forced to find tournaments on weekends. This takes them out of church and we want to make sure they have a chance to worship God and still play in these tournaments.

Our Mission Statement  "To Introduce and develop an understanding, respect, and love for the game of golf.  To utilize golf as a vehicle to introduce God, integrity, patience, and honor that will enrich each junior throughout their lives.

Our goals: " is to have junior golf as a voice for the young generation to assist them in learning about God and how they can apply his teaching in today’s world."

There are many choices facing our young men and women each day. It is our goal to share with them the teachings of God and to give them support from a Christian view. Through golf and golfing tournaments we want to be a voice of support to help them with the problems they face on a daily basis. Our team of Christian leaders will minister to them by hosting Sunday morning meeting at various junior golf tournaments across the country, Hosting Saturday night seminars and Christian music concerts, hosting equipment demo days and hosting PGA Tour players clinics.

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